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Episode B1 - Ben Reichstein
Bonus Episode10th May 2024 • Field & Foley • Ben Reichstein
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One year anniversary episode!

Join us for a special bonus episode as we celebrate our one-year anniversary with a twist! Host Ben Reichstein takes the guest seat to reflect on the journey, share insights, and answer questions. Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear from the voice behind the mic!

About Field & Foley

Welcome to Field & Foley, the podcast that explores the world of field recording and foley art. I am your host, Ben Reichstein, and every two weeks I'm joined by a new guest from the wonderful world of sound. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, we'll answer your questions, share tips and tricks and tell stories about the people behind the sound.

But our show isn't just for sound designers – it's for anyone who loves to get a direct insight into the craft of audio recording! Together, we'll discuss the joy of going out into nature or staying in your studio and capturing your own material. Join us for lively conversation, insights, and inspiration in every episode of Field & Foley.

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