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Becoming An Effective Human Leader with Hortense Le Gentil
Episode 54724th April 2024 • Scaling Up Business with Bill Gallagher • Bill Gallagher
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How can business leaders let go of control at the same time as they empower team members to take ownership of their work?

In this episode, Bill Gallagher and Hortense Le Gentil discuss trust, empathy, and the importance of leaders recognizing and challenging their limiting beliefs. 

An executive leadership coach and an author, Hortense Le Gentil is on a mission to empower leaders to embody authenticity, inspire meaningful change, and make a profound difference in the lives of people around them and the organizations they lead.

Key topics Bill and Hortense explore in this episode: 

- Hortense’s journey from France to business coaching and book writing.

- Why empathy and trust are key to effective leadership. 

- Hortense recounts a personal experience of feeling unfulfilled in her professional life and seeking a change, despite having a seemingly perfect life on the outside.

- Hortense’s journey as an entrepreneur, from learning to be herself to helping others.

- Self-discovery through neuroscience and psychology.

- Unlocking potential in CEOs and executives.

- Why the traditional heroic leadership model is no longer effective in today's workplace.

- The importance of teamwork and collaboration in overcoming challenges.

- Leaders can’t be like Superman and have all the answers.

- The importance of leaders being remembered for empathy, support, and human connection.

- How each person has a unique talent that they are meant to share with the world.

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