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705: How to Find (and Be) Great Guests on Podcasts
Episode 53rd November 2020 • Podcasting Experiments • Joshua Rivers
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Today’s episode of Podcasting Experiments features Case lane. Case is a speaker, entrepreneur and consultant. She also has a podcast called The Ready Entrepreneur and is  the author of the book Podcast Discoveries. We will talk about how we can utilize podcasting to help grow our business as well as how you can be a great podcast host and guest. 

Getting Started With Podcasting

Case decided to interview entrepreneurs and started out as a podcast host. Being a host allows you to have great conversations with other people, and, in many cases, they will tell you valuable insights you often would not normally hear. After a couple of years of hosting her own podcast, she decided to start being a guest on podcasts. She started promoting her book and as well as the services she provides. 

Hosting a Podcast

Case says she is at the very beginning of her entrepreneurship journey. So when she talks to entrepreneurs, that's where I want to focus. She often asks, “How did you get started?” because it often seems that most entrepreneurs go from poverty to making a million dollars overnight. So she tries to emphasize the beginning of the entrepreneurial process. 

Growing Your Business With A Podcast

The biggest thing Case does to grow her business is using content in as many ways as possible. She says it is really important to not just use the podcast episode as a one time thing. If you happen to be a blogger or you can write it, or you could even transcribe the podcast script and make it also an article. And then you could also do a video on YouTube, and you can just put the podcast up itself. A lot of people listen to podcasts on YouTube, so you could put it up there.  

Being a Guest On Podcasts

When you decide that you want to be a guest on a podcast, it's very important that you find an active show. Case searches podcast directories to find places where she thinks she will be a really good fit. After listening to the podcast, she finds the contact information for the podcast. Then she prepares a compelling email that clearly demonstrates the value she wants to give to the audience of the podcast. 

Prepare To Be a Great Podcast Guest

Case says that you want to have a good professional picture of yourself that you can send to shows for promotion. You also want to have a short bio. If you're going to be offering anything for the listeners, make sure you've got a link ready for a landing page or something where people can go. Many podcasts are also recording video and posting the podcast on YouTube, so it is important to make sure that you are camera ready. 

The two most important things with video are lighting and audio. And so if you have bad audio, people aren't going to want to listen to it. If the lighting is bad, they're not going to want to watch it.  

You can reach Case at her website and she also has a community you can join by scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering your email and clicking the “Join Us” button. 

Special thanks to Case for being a guest on Podcasting Experiments. 





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