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Building and Sustaining Your Law Practice with Chris Lam
Episode 127th January 2020 • The 26th • Mecklenburg County Bar
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One of the most important things that a majority of law schools still don’t teach their students is the business of law. Acquiring clients and maintaining relationships with them are issues that new and even seasoned lawyers base. And while many have partners and mentors they can rely on, oftentimes, associates are clueless as to where to begin.

The 26th’s inaugural podcast episode features Attorney Chris Lam, president of the Mecklenburg County Bar and trial lawyer at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings. Attorney Lam discusses the many challenges and ways to build and manage your law practice better. One of the major keys in successful business relationships in the industry is to be responsive and communicative with your clients and associates. This helps build trust, reliability and confidence that you can be relied upon.

Connect with your peers in the industry, regardless of which firm they’re with or what field of law they’re practicing, by being intentional and sincere in building relationships with them. It’s not only great for general networking, but having a friend or two in the business helps as well.

 For newly inducted lawyers, it’s especially important to hone your legal capabilities first and learn how to practice the law. Show that you can do the work effectively and that you have the competency and expertise that they require.

Attorney Lam also shares some tips and best practices that can help grow your practice through relationship-building. He stresses that patience is essential as this process is a long-term strategy, just like sowing seeds and waiting for the harvest time to come.

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