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Building Resilience with Dawson Church: Meditation, Tapping, and Growth -99
Episode 9911th June 2024 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Join us on The Grit Show as we dive into the compelling world of emotional resilience with our distinguished trauma expert, Dr. Dawson Church. After years of pioneering research on PTSD, Dawson introduces us to the groundbreaking treatment known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), highlighting its astonishing success with veterans. Discover how the power of tapping can transform trauma into tranquility, the secret behind meditation-induced bliss, and the essential tips for nurturing yourself to buffer against life's unpredictable challenges. Dawson also shares riveting personal stories of overcoming adversity, including his harrowing escape from a wildfire, and how these experiences bolster his belief in the power of meditation and stress reduction techniques. Don't miss out on learning about eco meditation—a blend of physiological tools aimed at producing happiness, productivity, and inner peace. Be part of a valuable discussion on the importance of self care, positive relationships, and mental focus. Discover how you can foster resilience, boost productivity, and find joy through practical tools and techniques. Tune in for an episode filled with profound insights and practical tools to take control of your mental and emotional well-being.

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Dawson Church is a best-selling science writer and the author of three award-winning books. The Genie in Your Genes broke new ground by showing that gene expression is influenced by emotions. Mind to Matter is based on hundreds of studies showing that our brains play a key role in constructing the reality around us. In Bliss Brain, he demonstrates that as we cultivate peak states, our brains rapidly rewire themselves for happiness. He is the founder of the Veterans Stress Solution, which has offered free PTSD treatment to over 22,000 veterans. After retiring from active business management, Dawson has continued to teach and inspire through his presentations, podcasts, books and blog posts.

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