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51: Lasse Rheingans on the 5 Hour Work Day
5th February 2021 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Lasse Rheingans and Aoife O’Brien speak about the 5 hour work day and what this means for the future of work. Lasse shares some key insights and practical tips from his own experience. We talk about things like what productivity means, what rules you can put in place to become more focused at work, outcomes versus outputs, automation, why it’s important to be happy at work, the concept of ‘urgency’. Lasse is a media science expert, holding a Bachelor of Arts in media production and a master’s degree in „interdisciplinary media sciences“. In 2017 he introduced the 5-hour working day at his company while honouring existing salaries and holiday entitlements. He believes that ‘work’ should neither be a question of location, nor can it really be measured in time; it’s the result that truly matters. To cope with today’s challenges he believes we should focus on people, their wellbeing, and their personal growth. He is committed to promoting digital and cultural change in people’s minds – to successfully overcome growing social problems in this uncertain world. Lasse is in constant pursuit of making a contribution to the change he wants to see in the world, of bringing people together and make people’s life better, of being a leader or mentor his younger self would have wished for. In 2018 he was rewarded the 2nd place of the „Chefsache Award“, in 2019 he won the „XING New Work Award“ and published his book „The 5-hour revolution“ (Campus, Germany), in 2020 he placed second for the „HR Personalwirtschaftspreis“, in 2021 his company was certified by the Fair Pay Initiative and also the „NEW WORK Arbeitgebersiegel“. He is married and a father of two, living and working in Bielefeld, Germany. Lasse’s links: Aoife’s links: Resources: Dropbox Blog: Rheingans: Simon Sinek, The Millennial Question: Vouchercloud study: Cal Newport Deep Work (book)




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