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How To Build Successful Women Leaders With Joya Dass
20th June 2022 • The Power of Authority Spotlight • Michelle Prince
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Joya Dass is the Founder of Women’s Leadership Lab, a leadership development mastermind for executive women, with an emphasis on public speaking — a top leadership skill. Joya was born in a small town in Pennsylvania but moved to New York City in 1999 to pursue her dream career as a television anchor. Joya spent 20 years covering the financial markets from the floor of the NYSE. Through her experience doing interviews with CEOs every week, she honed her leadership and public speaking skills. Now she teaches women leaders the frameworks, tools, and tactics they need to command any room.

In this episode…

All women leaders share the same concerns: time management, productivity, self-care, and managing it all with children at home. Would you like a community of people sharing how they do it and supporting you along the way?

As the Founder of Women’s Leadership Lab, Joya Dass has spent 20 years in the spotlight of the NYSE, where she learned the traits that create a successful leader. Today, she runs a leadership development academy for women executives and founders, emphasizing public speaking. The development of public speaking skills gives you the foundational confidence you need to excel. Through her community of women leaders, you learn best practices for communication and the art of networking, which effectively shifts your mindset in a positive direction. Developing confidence and the right mindset is the basis you need to move forward in your career of choice. And having the right support system, coaches, and mentors behind you can create the kind of transformation you need to reach the next level.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Joya Dass, the Founder of Women’s Leadership Lab, to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and the success she has created as a woman leader. Joya explains how she helps other women leaders through her leadership academy, the qualities women leaders possess and how they acquire them, what she does to build authority, and her advice to other women leaders.