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The Natural List: Vulnerability, authenticity and impact matter when sharing your brand's sustainability story
10th May 2023 • The Natural List • Jessica Rubino and Adrienne Smith
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Consumers care about what brands are doing to engage in sustainable practices. In fact, more than 30% of natural channel shoppers in a recent survey conducted by New Hope Network have purchased a new product based on its sustainability claims within the past year. At the same time, consumers are wary of greenwashing and want to know the specific steps a brand is taking toward sustainability.


But when, where and how should brands share this information with consumers? How much should brands tell consumers about both successes and failures along the way? How much information is too much, and when is it not enough?


These are a few of the questions explored in this week’s episode of The Natural List, when hosts Jessica Rubino and Adrienne Smith sit down with New Hope Network’s Senior Manager Data and Insights Amanda Hartt to talk about some of the takeaways from the recently published Sustainability Marketing Report.