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Charitable Impact: Redefining Surplus for Social Good
Episode 954th January 2024 • Logistics with Purpose • Supply Chain Now
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In the first new Logistics with Purpose podcast episode of 2024, hosts Monica Aurora Roesch and Noria Sierra welcome Kaitlin Marian to the show, with In Kind Direct, a charity focused on preventing surplus products from going to waste by distributing them to charities in need across the UK.

Kaitlin shares her journey from a corporate career to In Kind Direct, highlighting the charity's mission to tackle hygiene poverty and its impact on individuals' lives. Listen in and learn more about:

  • The importance of partnerships with corporate donors and the environmental benefits of diverting products from landfills.
  • The logistics of managing donations for over 5,000 charities and addressing challenges in meeting specific product needs.
  • The practical role of logistics in driving purpose-driven initiatives.

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