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Measuring for Paint, Lithium Ion Battery Fires, and Bunny the Talking Dog
Episode 2726th August 2022 • The RepcoLite Home Improvement Show • Dan Hansen & Hailey Johnson
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On Today's Episode

With Father's Day only a day away, it's crunch time if you're looking for gifts. And so we decided to pool our knowledge and resources and provide you with a list of never-fail Father's Day gifts you'll be able to pick up today!

We'll also be talking about...

DIY PAINTING 101: How Much Paint Do I Need? [00:00 - 9:20]

DIY Painting 101: Start by estimating how much paint you are going to need! Getting an accurate paint estimate / budgeting for your project can be easy once you know how much paint to buy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Measure the LENGTH of each wall AND  the HEIGHT. 
  2. Multiple each wall LENGTH by the ceiling HEIGHT. 
  3. Add those totals together
  4. Subtract square footage from windows and doors

We always recommend 2 coats which means if the room is 408sqft you will be covering 816 sqft

1 gallon will typically cover around 400 sqft. For this example you will need 2 gallons of paint 

Bring in your final number of square feet into your nearest RepcoLite Paints so we can get you the right amount of paint! 

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety [9:21 - 32:35]

We are surrounded by Lithium Ion Batteries. They are used in everything from phones, watches and  tools to yard equipment, electric scooters and cars. If you have seen any of these devices catch fire it can be frightening and many people wonder if they are safe…In short, yes, they are safe. However, like most things that use electricity,  there are safety precautions everyone needs to know! We are joined by Holland’s Fire Chief to learn all about Lithium Ion Batteries and Fire Safety. 

Bunny the Talking Dog [32:36 - 39:27]

We know that your days are filled with stress so we thought we’d bring you a story that is sure to make you smile! Bunny the talking dog is an internet sensation and for good reason! Dan and Hailey discuss the possibility of communicating with pets.