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What road construction can teach us about podcast subscribers - 1KP0089
Episode 8918th December 2019 • 1000 Podcasters • Bryan Entzminger
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Today as I was riding to work, I had a road construction experience that made me think about getting getting people subscribed to our shows.

More subscribers. We all want more subscribers for our podcasts. There are all kinds of strategies out there for getting more subscribers.

But here’s the problem: most of them are focused on the benefits for the PODCASTER.

If we’re really serving our audiences, we’ll be focused on ways to serve them and some of the common strategies don’t serve them well and where I think we can find the sweet spot.

To illustrate how this can work, I’m going to share a little about my commute this morning.

I'll share my thoughts on:

  • The "just one link" strategy
  • The "just one link with redirects" (the smart link) strategy
  • The smorgasbord approach
  • The McDonald's Fries approach

What about you?

What does your subscribe page look like? Tweet it to me at @TopTierAudio. And if you’d like to take a look at mine to get some inspiration, you’ll find it at

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