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Episode 156: How Airzone Aidoo Pro is Bridging Smart Thermostats and HVAC Inverter Systems
16th November 2023 • Residential Tech Talks • Residential Tech Today
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On this week’s podcast, Airzone North America’s National Operations Manager, Victoria Garcia Massimo, and Regional Sales Manager for the US Central & West, Bob Howey, join us from Miami and Dallas to discuss their company’s smart control solution for HVAC systems. Airzone’s Aidoo Pro acts as a bridge between proprietary HVAC inverter and mini-split manufacturers’ protocols and IoT device or smart home control system APIs. Our guests today describe how the market for inverter and mini-split systems, which is already huge around the world, is beginning to take hold in North America and why using smart home thermostats with these HVAC systems is detrimental to their energy-saving features.

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