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Successful, Intuitive and Sensitive Entrepreneurs - Lydia Sophia Wilmsen EPISODE 31, 24th July 2020
How to let go of the fear of not being able to deliver
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How to let go of the fear of not being able to deliver

In today’s episode I speak about such a common fear, the fear of not being able to deliver. This happens anywhere in life, that people fear they are not enough, they don’t give enough, they can’t satisfy another person. In business this shows up for example in not making sales. The underlying fear of not being able to deliver can actually keep you from making money!

First I will speak about the issue itself and then I share some ideas on how to let go of the fear to not deliver, what you can do and shift in yourself and how to manage expectations with others, so that it is plainly no issue anymore. If you ever had some impostor feelings show up in yourself, listen to this episode!

Enjoy the episode and much love!




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