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2023 - Best of the Year: Albums
7th March 2024 • Movie of the Year •
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Movie of the Year

2023 Best Album

Our 2023 Best Album bracket is here to pick the best musical moments of 2023!

John Album, inventor of the album, was heard to remark one day, "There should be a playlist where all the songs are by one artist, and all songs on this playlist-ish thing should be released at the same time, in a track order of the artists' choosing!" We know, of course, that John Album was driven into the wilds of the Texas panhandle for his beliefs, but no one can doubt he changed the world.

It took albums a long time to catch on, but they have finally made a name for themselves and made the legend of John Album one that we still tell the kiddos late on Album Day's eve. 2023 had no shortage of these bespoke playlists, many of them from artists I could name.

And so I will: boygenius came out with an album so good they had to call the CD the record. Caroline Polacheck made a name for herself with Desire, I Want to Turn Into You. And Mitski did the dang thing with her own album, False Lankum. No, wait, that one was from the band Lankum. But you get the idea.

They made 'em; you listened to 'em; we'll rank 'em.





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