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Special Episode: Is Eric Weinstein Feynman-Negative?
Bonus Episode30th October 2020 • Decoding the Gurus • Christopher Kavanagh and Matthew Browne
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Eric Weinstein has a habit of inserting mini conspiracy laden "audio-essays" at the beginning of his podcast The Portal. The one released this week was impressive even by Eric's standards. So, the duo took took a break from preparing for their next episode on Rutger Bregman to release a Special Bonus Episode, Hot off the press!

In the episode you will learn about Seberging, Milgram-negative people, and obscure Russian Penal Codes. You will also learn that the concept of Fake News is actually FAKE NEWS, invented by a shadowy cabal of media and political elites to control you sheeple. Astoundingly, there is actually a conspiracy afoot to suppress Eric and his friends in the IDW!

Chris and Matt set themselves the task of deciding whether this is serious analysis, or... something else....