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S1E21 – Stewardship of the Earth and Climate Change
Episode 2111th February 2021 • Governed by God • Governed by God
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Part I: Law of the Day - "If you come across a bird’s nest in any tree or on the ground, with young ones or eggs and the mother sitting on the young or on the eggs, you shall not take the mother with the young. You shall let the mother go, but the young you may take for yourself, that it may go well with you, and that you may live long." (Deut. 22:6-7) Part II: A short analysis and response to President Biden's executive order on immigration and climate change.   As always, if you have any civic/government related questions, feel free to email me at, and I will be happy to address them on the program. Thank you and God bless! Follow me on Facebook or Twitter or go to Please support me on Patreon!




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