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265 | The End of an Era: Hard Decisions & Hard Goodbyes
Episode 26522nd August 2023 • The Alchemized Life • Ava Johanna
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This is a bittersweet episode. I have been reflecting on what’s truly lighting me up in my business and providing the most impact and value for this community. I’m truly so excited about the new products I’m launching to create more connections and meaningful conversations for this community, but in order to fully focus on what’s next for the Academy of Breath and my coaching business, I have decided to retire the Alchemized Life Podcast. In this episode, I share more about why I’ve made this difficult decision, how I’ve worked through it and confronted the truth about why I’ve kept it around, and what doors will be opening as this one closes.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and community. I hope to connect with you inside of the Mindful Masters app and community space, and look forward to sharing more content and insight for you there!

We don't have to have a tight grip on things. The knowing that we have inside of us we can trust, and when things are no longer in alignment, it's safe for you to let that go. Because when you do, another door opens. - Ava Johanna

What I talk about:

  • Recognized my growth in being able to have balance and be present
  • Trying network spinal analysis 
  • Big news about how you can connect even more with this community
  • Reflecting on why I started the podcast
  • What’s lighting me up in my business & what’s not
  • The successes of The Alchemized Life
  • Why & when I’m saying goodbye to the show

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