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Mapping risk and building resilience, a conversation with Wendy Shand from Impact Resilience
Episode 221st September 2023 • Signal Strength • Selbey Labs
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This episode of Signal Strength looks at the importance of risk and crisis planning as a means of building resilience inside organisations.

We are lucky to be joined by risk management expert Wendy Shand, founder of Impact Resilience, an organisation that helps businesses to map and manage potential risks and build resilience through the process. 

Our conversation covers:

  • An introduction to Wendy, her very personal story, and the story of Impact Resilience.
  • Why planning for and getting ready for risks is critical, regardless of the size of your business.
  • Why brands are on the frontline of building resilience and their role in helping forge a stronger society.
  • The importance of horizon scanning and seeing what’s coming at you.
  • The role of strategic scenario planning and why being an anticipatory leader is key.
  • The role of brand reputation – and how trusted brands can maintain themselves through a crisis and come out of it faster and better.
  • How we lean into uncertainty, what we can strategically and practically do and some final thoughts about how to get started.