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DIJ S3 E5: That's Mighty White of You
Episode 514th July 2023 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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This week, we join our fearless/fearful hosts as Shadiin tells salacious lies regarding the origin of Delma's humor. They check in about the intersection of anger, mourning, and disproportionate health outcomes as Delma continues to mourn the loss of his father. Shadiin processes recovering from covid in the midst of a retreat she was central in putting together after 2 years of continuous work.

After checking in, our hosts look at the ways we embody white supremacy culture in our hyper-focus on tending to "our own" issues and ignoring the plight/struggles of others. What does it mean to move in an intersectional way? How do we acknowledge that we'll never know everything about everyone and yet continue to learn and grown as we navigate one another in the midst of the overwhelming forces of white supremacist patriarchy? We don't know, either...