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Episode 12 - Choosing Breath - for stress, fear, trauma and anxiety release
Episode 122nd August 2021 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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Tension seems to have been rising this week. Anxiety and stress feel palpable.

Learning to breathe fully and consciously has many positive benefits to health and wellbeing, that manifest in your life and business as improved results.

In this episode, Choosing Breath - through stress, anxiety, trauma and fear - I take a look at:

  • What are the benefits of taking time for conscious breathing?
  • How can you use breath to change your outcomes in life and business?
  • How can you change the way you breathe and therefore change your health, mental wellbeing and behaviours?

Links: Rebecca Dennis website (book - And breathe) - Tony Robbins Priming - Wim Hof Breathing


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