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Fast Tracks to Recovery: Advanced PT Strategies for Early RTW in Workers' Comp Cases
Episode 51st March 2024 • Fit For Duty • Larry Earl, MD
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Fast Tracks to Recovery: Advanced PT Strategies for Early RTW in Workers' Comp Cases with Lucas Myers

In this episode of Fit for Duty, Dr. Larry Earl, president of the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals, is joined by Lucas Myers, Senior Director at ATI Physical Therapy.

They delve into the world of advanced physical therapy for occupational health. They discuss the use of work conditioning, an innovative method that combines standard physical rehabilitation with elements tailored to job-specific tasks, by simulating workplace scenarios as part of the therapy process. This approach provides a transformative bridge between recovering from injury and securing a safe and effective return to work.

Myers also highlights the importance of effective communication between the therapist, physician, and injured worker. The possibility of customizing therapy sessions to resemble actual work situations is explored as well. The conversation also touches on the need for continuous learning, preventing work injuries, and the importance of advocacy for patients.

Key Conversation Points:

00:06 Introduction to Fit for Duty Podcast

00:58 Exploring Advanced Physical Therapy Strategies

03:16 The Role of Physical Therapists in Occupational Health

06:44 Understanding Work Conditioning and Work Hardening

09:20 The Importance of Simulating Work Tasks in Therapy

10:26 Identifying Suitable Candidates for Advanced Therapy Techniques

20:40 Addressing Misconceptions and Challenges in Work Conditioning

29:44 The Future of Physical Therapy in Workers' Compensation

32:16 Conclusion and Wrap-up

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