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Adulting with Ebonie - Ebonie Allard EPISODE 9, 19th March 2020
The One About Shame And Guilt
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The One About Shame And Guilt

Shame and guilt are two of the topics I get asked to talk about most frequently, so in this episode, I’m delivering!

When we feel feelings of shame, it’s often attached to a feeling of vulnerability, which can often be interpreted as weakness… but we get to flip the script on that. And while guilt is typically less painful than shame (because we see it as being more useful) it can still have a negative impact on our businesses and lives.

In this episode, I’m pulling apart the strands of shame, guilt, vulnerability and judgement and talking about how we can make moves towards a more value filtered life.

Listen on for:

  • What shame and guilt actually are (and what the difference is)
  • How you can alchemise some of those things you feel ashamed of and turn them into superpowers
  • Self-awareness and personal responsibility are where it’s at. Blame does not remove shame!
  • What happens when you go against your (or someone else’s) values
  • How to shift our feelings of shame and guilt
  • Society’s role in our feelings of shame and guilt
  • The distinction between guilt, procrastination and self-sabotage

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