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Ep. 012- Melissa June - Radical Humanity and Caterpillar Sh*t
Episode 1216th June 2023 • Generator • Matt Stagliano
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In this episode, Maine photographer Matt Stagliano speaks with Melissa June: entrepreneur and founder of The League - a woman-centric networking and professional development group in the Legal world.

"Melissa and I connected last November at Sue Bryce’s self value workshop in Phoenix, and then reconnected again in May 2023. Instantly I knew more people needed to hear from her. She has a certain magnetism that makes conversation easy and interesting.

She’s so passionate about everything she does, and the connections she makes that you can’t help but feel inspired listening to her.

In this conversation we talk about a recent transformative photo shoot, the need for human connection, and something she calls “caterpillar shit”

This is one of those conversation that could easily have been several hours long, and I am so grateful that we got the chance to sit down for a bit and hear about everything she is creating."

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