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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 7, 16th April 2021
Leading Physician and Author Dr. David Katz
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Leading Physician and Author Dr. David Katz

For the first time, Christa Rymal of The Point interviews Dr. David Katz - leading physician, author, multiple time Founder and CEO, and nominee for both a James Beard Foundation Award and the position of US Surgeon General. Katz is a provoking visionary with the career, case studies, and community accolades to invite trust, so we recommend a pen and paper for this episode. Tune in to learn about his life's work; turning science into action for the addition of years to life, and life to years. Dr. David provides immediate actions you can take for your longevity, the 6 cylinder engine that makes up lifestyle medicine, and a financial case for putting the 'health' back in 'health'care. 

“We need cultural responsibility and personal responsibility, and when they work in tandem then everything can change” - Dr. David Katz

Dr. David Katz, has been featured on Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America, and CNN. Dr. David's life work is in the translation of science into action; for addition of years to life, and life to years. Recently, and amidst the COVID pandemic, Dr. Katz has advocated for a "total harm minimization" strategy. Dr. David Katz is a Founder and former Director of Yale University's Yale Research Center, past President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, President and Founder of non-profit True Health Initiative, and Founder and CEO of Diet ID, inc. A fellow of numerous renowned colleges, Katz is also the recipient of several awards for teaching writing and contributions to public health. A 2019 nominee for a James Beard Foundation award in health journalism, David has too been a widely supported nominee for the position of US Surgeon General. Dr. Katz has received three honorary doctorates, holds multiple US patents and has over 200 peer reviewed publications. In addition, Katz has co-authored 19 books including multiple editions of leading textbooks in nutrition, preventative medicine, and epidemiology.

Don't miss this highly-anticipated episode, as Dr. David Katz shares his pointed concerns and solutions to the widespread issue of poor health, chronic disease, and loss of vitality. While illuminating the big picture need for a change in our healthcare systems, David also offers insight into the individual's health deficit which was emphasized during the recent pandemic. He grants us perspective, too, to his well-supported response to COVID- 'Total harm minimization'. Learn how Dr. David Katz is suggesting we respect the virus while minimizing total harm. During the interview we acknowledge that, anywhere people are hurt is bad, and anywhere they are protected is good. As a listener, discover where your vulnerabilities may lay - socially, economically, in health, or otherwise. 

“The broader vision is about healthcare, but there is a critical place in that for disease care and for what clinicians do and we salute that.” - Dr. David Katz

Our team anticipates a part II and part III with Dr. David Katz, though for now we appreciate the knowledge provided, and find hope- that we have physicians leading wellbeing initiatives with wisdom, expertise and the drive to make our communities return to vitality.

“The value proposition of this cannot be overstated, and we have the knowledge, we just need to convert it into the power of routine action”. - Dr. David Katz


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