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Dice Try - Party People Media BONUS EPISODE, 15th May 2020
Quarantine Special 3 - Learning Opportunity
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Quarantine Special 3 - Learning Opportunity

Dice Try brings you another Quarantine Special this week with a brand new game created by our own Daniel Schaub. Learning Opportunity is...well, you'll just have to listen and find out. This week includes our original cast of players and brand new music from Glenn Davis!

Game Master - Daniel Schaub (IG&TW: @hemingwaylite)

Players - Earl T. Kim (IG: @fyrestorm, TW: @earlofsammich), Crista Llewellyn (IG&TW: lady_rogue_), Paul Alan Dixon (IG&TW: @paulalandixon)

Audio Engineer/Editor - Gabriel Toya-Melendez (IG: @gtoya.melendez, TW: @japorican1)

Additional Music - Glenn Davis (IG: @thecavedale, SOUNDCLOUD: Somnium.)

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