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Team Building Through Building Trust [MHS2]
Episode 325th June 2018 • Coaching the Mental Game of Softball • Mental Sweet Spot
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If you fail to build trust in your team, you are setting yourself up for more failure. When times get tough, each player has to trust that their teammates and coaches have their back. But just saying "We have to have each other's backs," isn't enough.

You build that trust in your team by fostering open, honest communication and developing empathy for one another. That way, when someone disagrees with the way someone else is doing things, that conversation will go a lot more smoothly.

We discuss:

  • Incorporating the team why & culture into all drills and discussions.
  • Tactics for encouraging all players to speak up both in team discussions and on the field.
  • How she helped her players begin to develop empathy for one another so they understand others' perspectives.
  • Building trust in the coaching staff with honest, open feedback both in games and at practice.