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All We Need Is Love—Grief Advice From "The Bad Widow"
Episode 2012th December 2021 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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In today's episode, Amy talks with Alison Pena aka the Bad Widow. Alison coaches clients to tap into their innate resilience and take back their lives after loss with stories, insights, and strategies.

After losing her husband to pancreatic cancer in 2016, Alison designed new ways to re-engage, reinvent, and rebuild back to life, work, and even love.

Her recently published book, The Bad Widow Guide to Life After Loss: Moving Through Grief to Live and Love Again is available to support anyone grieving the loss of a loved one and those who care but are unsure what to say or do to support them.

Where to Alison Pena—

1) Visit the Bad Widow website for blog posts, podcast recordings, and coaching offers

2) Buy #1 Amazon bestseller,, The Bad Widow Guide to Life After Loss: Moving Through Grief to Live and Love Again

Get 3 FREE videos & a checklist on finding love after loss with book purchase

3) See David Beynon Pena's online art gallery of fine art

David Beynon Pena art gallery

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