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Taking Risks and Reaping the Reward With Dr. Scott and Heather Paviol
Episode 3719th February 2021 • The Prosperous Doc • Spaugh Dameron Tenny
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Heather and Scott Paviol are one of the rare couples that can work together — and it’s because they each have strengths where the other has weaknesses.

As an interior designer with an interest in leadership development and organizational performance, it was only fitting that Heather help her dermatologist husband open his new practice last year (even though he chose to do so during a global pandemic). 

“We were coming off easily our best year at Mooresville. I wasn't even accepting new patients,” Scott says of his first practice. “It was a little bit both amazing and terrifying — and maybe not the smartest thing to do. And we had to make significant sacrifices.”

Scott says he gives his wife “100% credit” for encouraging him to seize the opportunity when a nearby dermatologist decided to retire. He considers himself “much more risk-averse” than Heather, but with her support and business guidance, they made it happen. For example, she’s the one who realized they needed to purchase the suite next door to have enough room.

In this episode of the Prosperous Doc, our host Shane Tenny, CFP® welcomes Heather and Scott to discuss why they decided to take the financial risk of opening the new practice and how they successfully blended a staff of new and existing employees. Heather and Scott also talk about how their shared vision and passion for leadership, coupled with their desire to foster a positive workplace culture, helps them work together as a married couple.

💡 Featured Experts 💡

Name: Heather & Scott Paviol 

What she does: As a virtual stager at RoOomy, Heather uses her interior design background to provide 3D modeling and rendering to buyers and agents; she also virtually assists homeowners with interior design. 

What he does: Scott is a dermatologist and the owner of Paviol Dermatology, where he works hard to foster a warm, accepting office culture that encourages professional development. 

Company: Paviol Dermatology 

Words of wisdom: 

Heather: “One of my favorite things that Scott does with his staff — and I'm so proud of because I think it's something that we really believe in — is offering a space where people can make mistakes without being penalized.”

Scott: “I'd put my heart and soul into the current practice, and I'm very attached to the staff there. I've always wanted to leave places better than when I started. I believe that I did that. So that was very calming for me.” 

Connect with Heather: LinkedIn | Instagram 

Connect with Scott: LinkedIn | Instagram

💰 On the Money 💰

Top takeaways from this episode

★    Don’t pass up an opportunity just because your practice is doing well. Scott jumped at the chance to open a practice just minutes from his home because, even though it was doing better than ever, his pre-existing practice was more than an hour from home. He knew he was taking a huge risk — especially during a pandemic — but doesn’t have any regrets because it was a calculated one.

★    Seek out partners who have different strengths than you. Heather purchased the suite next door to the couple’s new practice because she could tell from her design work (just from looking at the office once) that they wouldn’t have enough space. Scott admits he never would have thought of that, and it’s one of many reasons why he needs his wife’s help.

★    Create a culture where it’s OK to make mistakes. At Scott’s practice, he gives out something called the “Band-Aid Award” to the employee who’s done a great job of fixing a recent mistake. Encourage your employees to own their mistakes, learn from them and then move on.

⚡ Prosperous Insights ⚡

[2:43] Listen to the universe when it gives you a sign: At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott got a letter from a retiring dermatologist trying to sell his supplies. He explains how his life changed forever once he realized the practice that was closing was two minutes from his house.

[7:53] Diving in headfirst: Scott explains why it was Heather’s go-for-it attitude that gave him the courage he needed to purchase the practice in spite of the risk and necessary sacrifices.

[10:28] Expanding before opening: Heather discusses why she knew, before they even opened the new practice, that they needed to purchase the suite next door — which was occupied at the time — for additional space.

[15:02] Growing pains: Heather details what challenges they faced, including leaks, old A/C units and an old-school filing system, in getting the new office opened. Scott also elaborates by sharing his struggles in merging both his new and old staff.

[20:50] Finding her place: Heather explains how she became more involved with the practice. She jokes that before inserting herself, she was offering Scott business advice for free.

[23:11] No separation of church and state: Heather discusses why she thinks blurring the line between home and work life has worked for the couple. Scott explains why having therapists and going to a marriage counselor has helped.

[30:57] Bringing everyone together: Scott explains the leadership approach he’s taken — and what his weaknesses are — when it comes to building a culture in his new office, and Heather adds what she admires about his approach (such as the “Band-Aid Award”).

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