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S2E5: NKA, The Game Orchestrator - Part 1
11th February 2019 • 2 Dudes and A Chick • 2 Dudes and a Chick and Loudspeaker Studios
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This is part 1 of 2 with guest host, Principal Ernani Santos of John Finney High -  BKA, Peoples High. On this episode the crew sits down with Principal Santos and learn all about his journey. We learn about that time he forgot Tiff’s name (12:00), the mystery surrounding his race (14:00), working at a continuation school (25:00) how he became an educator and the value of mentorship (39:00). We also learn a little about his childhood and what it was like to growing up with parents who had addictions (1:04:00). --- Send in a voice message: