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Bonus Episode5th May 2021 • Sounds Like Hate • Southern Poverty Law Center
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Eric Webb:

I didn't give them money for any

paramilitary crap. No, um, but

Eric Webb:

I mean, I gave them shells for

target practice when I was up here


Geraldine Moriba:

In season two of Sounds Like Hate, we're the only

journalists granted exclusive access inside the

fortified headquarters of the neo-Nazi hate group,

the Base.

Geraldine Moriba:

I'm Geraldine Moriba.

Jamila Paksima:

And I'm Jamila Paksima. A warning to our listeners,

much of what you hear will be disturbing. Our story

contains offensive language and discussions about the

violent collapse of America.

Eric Webb:

Watch your step there.

Jamila Paksima:

We traveled with Eric Webb as he returned for the first

time to see what remained on his family farm in Bad Axe,

Michigan, after a major FBI raid.

Eric Webb:

The FBI wouldn't have done this.

Eric Webb:

I mean, they wouldn't have just thrown stuff

on the ground. 'Cuz the rest of the house wasn't

all trash looking. They went through everything,

which you're supposed to do on a search warrant.

But still...

Geraldine Moriba:

Webb is an optometrist and a divorced father

of two boys.

Eric Webb:

This looks like a dark place where

there was no good.

Geraldine Moriba:

When his son, Tristan, moved to the farmhouse, the

17 year old invited as many as five other radicalized

white supremacists to join him. This is when the Webb

property became a hate camp, where Michigan paramilitary

training for the base took place.

Jamila Paksima:

They have all of their Nazi paraphernalia in one

of these barns.

Eric Webb:

The garage.

Jamila Paksima:

OK. Can we see that?

Eric Webb:

Yeah, I think the FBI took all that though.

Jamila Paksima:

Webb says he was worried about the hunting rifles and

long guns his son and roommates had access to,

especially after they showed up in town at a George Floyd

rally, brandishing semi-automatic rifles.

Eric Webb:

He thought he was standing up for

something. And I told him, I said,

you went about it the wrong way.

Jamila Paksima:

Webb took no responsibility

for his son's actions.

Eric Webb:

I can't believe that's legal to let my

son be in a pressure cooker situation

like that with a loaded weapon.

And it's legal.

That's for the police officers and

National Guard to stand guard not,

not a 17 year old kid.

Jamila Paksima:

As soon as I entered the home I saw carnage

everywhere. Closets were emptied, drawers

turned inside out, piles of clothing on the

floors, and white power stickers exclaiming

'hate is not a crime' were stuck to virtually

every bedroom window.

Jamila Paksima:

In the past, have you walked

in here and seen something

different? What was here?

Eric Webb:

I think they had a nazi flag or

one of those iron cr-.

I think they had an iron cross or

something out here, like, on the wall.

Jamila Paksima:

What do you say to your son

who's hanging a hitler poster

in this room or in your garage?

Eric Webb:

I tell him I don't agree.

Jamila Paksima:

Why don't you just take it

down? It's your home.

Eric Webb:

I'm not, I'm not confrontational.

I'm a peace guy and I'm not going

to get in a fight with people over

something that silly. And I figured

if I, if I tear it down,

if I just pull rank, 'I'm your

dad.' I lose the battle.

Eric Webb:

I'm, I'm not letting you see your


Jamila Paksima:

Webb says when he visited he

didn't ask his son or the

other men to remove these

symbols of hate off his property.

He refused to accept his son

had already set up the

perfect place to bring white

supremacists to live.

Eric Webb:

And there's a swastika on

the bathroom door.

Jamila Paksima:

So when you see this swastika

spray painted inside your


Eric Webb:

It's disgusting.

Jamila Paksima:

During an eight hour raid,

the FBI searched every room,

the attic, and crawlspaces.

They removed the nazi

memorabilia, a dozen gas

masks, and surveillance

equipment, but their report

did not mention anything

about weapons.

This is the gun cabinet.

Eric Webb:

Uh huh.

Jamila Paksima:

And you thought that they

would not break into it?

Eric Webb:


Jamila Paksima:

It has a piece of glass on it.

Eric Webb:

Well, I know, but.

Jamila Paksima:

Anyone can break into that thing.

Eric Webb:

Oh, I know, but I wasn't worried

about someone doing it. I mean, you

do that once and then you're done.

Jamila Paksima:

On the floor in the sunroom

there was evidence the FBI

had cleaned out the gun

cabinet. I saw several empty

ammunition boxes and two

empty handgun cases.

Eric Webb:

A white guy saying 'end apartheid

now' whistling, and another guy peeing

on his leg, 'roll over white man.'

Jamila Paksima:

What are you holding? It looks

like a pamphlet, right?

Eric Webb:

It's just more propaganda.

Jamila Paksima:

It's all about black people.

It's using the N-word.

It's using the word [bleep]

and 'what's on a [bleep] mind?'

I mean, this stuff is awful.

Eric Webb:

Seeing that bothers me because

seeing that...

Jamila Paksima:

It's so disturbing.

Eric Webb:

It's - He believes that he's not

racist. But when you see that.

Jamila Paksima:

Why would he hang this on a wall?

Eric Webb:

Um, white supremacists, to me, are

the people that believe white

people are superior, and I don't

believe Tristan has ever expressed

that. He's a, he's a white separatist,

like, he loves Malcolm X.

Geraldine Moriba:

Coming up in season two of

Sounds Like Hate, the

father of a white supremacist.

Eric Webb:

White supremacy.

Jamila Paksima:

He thinks he's superior. You

don't think so?

Eric Webb:

No, 'cause he's he's like Malcolm X.

He really believes like he's just.

Jamila Paksima:

That the way he lives, the

purity that he wants, that he

doesn't want race mixing.

Eric Webb:

That's - He said to me.

Jamila Paksima:

He's a racist.

Geraldine Moriba:

And his son who was openly

preparing for a race war

and the collapse of America.

Tristan Webb:

They're moving towards more

involvement in the group

and training in general, just

moving towards making training

everything in light in our

lives and only focusing on that

and focusing on the movement.


Huron County nine one one.

You have an emergency?

Jamila Paksima:

In Baseless Four, we reveal

what prompted this nine one

one call.


Is that, that's the assault


Eric Webb:



OK. I do not want you to go

back to that house. Do you

understand me?

Jamila Paksima:

Follow our investigation into

that house and find out what

was going on inside when the

FBI arrested the Michigan

leader of the base.

I'm Jamila Paksima.

Geraldine Moriba:

And I'm Geraldine Moriba.

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