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Understanding the Science of Practice in Neurosurgery and Medicine
Episode 1023rd March 2020 • Back Talk Doc • Sanjiv Lakhia - Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates
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Dr. Tony Asher, who specializes in brain and spine surgery, talks about the science of practice in this episode of Back Talk Doc. He introduces this concept, that’s being done on a national level, in order to accomplish three goals: boosting healthcare, cost efficiency and patient satisfaction. These outcome science programs aim to collect quantitative data based on studies and experience, and analyze that information, leading to better care for patients.

He also shares how physicians can be involved in this initiative, without sacrificing the heart of medicine. There is a risk of devaluing the patient-physician relationship, especially if you only treat their case as part of a data set. This relationship should not be sacrificed for the sake of data.

Dr. Asher stresses the importance of medical practitioners staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge and drawing up from their own experiences to determine the best course of action for them.

Key moments in the episode

  • Evolution of clinical care in neurosurgery 05:48
  • Practical aspects of the neurosurgery practice 08:35
  • How healthcare groups are being measured in terms of performance, quality and outcomes 14:08
  • How the processes benefit patients 18:30
  • Efforts done on a national scale 21:23
  • How to reconcile the art and science of medicine 23:18
  • Clarifications 28:36
  • Additional resources for patients who want to be more involved in their care 30:42
  • Tips to improve your own personal health and wellness 33:14

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