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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 9, 14th May 2021
Heart-Centered Physician Dr. Bill Manahan
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Heart-Centered Physician Dr. Bill Manahan

Christa Rymal of The Point interviews Bill Manahan, MD- Assistant Professor Emeritus with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center in Minneapolis. A heart centered physician, Dr. Bill Manahan co-founded The Wellness Center of Minnesota (1982-1992), one of America‚Äôs first, physician-led, integrative medicine centers. 

With a robust career to speak to and learn from, Bill now consults with physicians and clinics wishing to expand into a more integrative and holistic practice. The intention? Help to make the primary healthcare system more holistic and more joyful for patients and practitioners. In this interview Dr. Bill provides listeners with an insider's look at how medicine has changed over the past several decades in the western world- what has been lost and what has been gained. His lessons speak to both a healthcare practitioner and a care consumer, so we invite you to listen in on his perspective around the current culture of healthcare, where professionals may have blindspots, and some notable changes that have profoundly changed the course of most of his patients' lives. 

Dr. Bill Manahan offers insight into what he personally had to unlearn as an expert in the medical field, some stories that changed the course of his practice, as well as a personal testimony to the need to implement lifestyle medicine in tandem with allopathic medicine. Feel reminded of the value in a whole-systems approach to wellness, and as a healthcare professional relate to Bill's call to bringing heart back into medicine: empathy, compassion, understanding, and individualized treatments as means of healing equally as important as modern pharmaceuticals - arguably more.

We are honored to hear Dr. Manahan's wisdom and perspective, and we welcome you to feel heard and inspired to "rebel and be well" alongside us - tune in!

- Fast vs. slow medicine

- Empathy, compassion, and heart returning to conventional healthcare

- Blind spots in western medicine and areas of opportunity to integrate eastern medicine

- How lifestyle medicine can delay, negate, and heal chronic disease

- Specific practices that have profound impacts on healing


Access information, events and a health clinician community open to both allopathic and alternative medicine in Minnesota - Co-Chaired by Dr. Bill Mahanan


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