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Episode 715th December 2020 • REMarkable! • Steven Rick & Tim Elliott
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In this episode we speak with Fiona Duncan-Steer founder of the RSViP network.

Fiona is a true creative entrepreneur and has built RSViP over the last 15 years to be Nottingham's best and biggest business network and I’m pretty sure it would out do most other business networks across the country.

It's a little laggy in places as is the way when the world is all connected to zoom at the same time so apologies for that.

We touch on some super interesting topics including:

  • Being a professional
  • Job titles and the baggage they come with
  • Work life balance
  • The search for continual improvement 
  • Theatrical engineering
  • Differentiation 
  • And of course networking

You can find out more about RSViP and Fiona below.