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Having Tough Conversations With Aging Parents
Episode 2729th September 2020 • Sage Aging • Liz Craven
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Broaching topics like driving, finances, and living situations with an aging loved one is never easy. You know that it's time to have a conversation. But where do you begin? And how do you start the conversation without being too assertive? If you're concerned about an aging loved one, and think it's time for some real talk, then you're in luck and this is the podcast episode for you!

My Guest

My guest this week is Catherine Hodder. Catherine is an estate planning attorney turned author whose book estate planning for the sandwich generation how to help your parents and protect your kids debuted as a number one Amazon bestseller in new releases for wills. Perhaps more importantly, Catherine has held the title of caregiver as well. So she knows about these conversations and knows where all of you are coming from having had the benefit of seeing caregiving from both sides. Catherine has a lot to offer as we talk about approaching difficult conversations with our aging loved ones.

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