26: How to Charge What You’re Worth with Robb Holman
28th August 2018 • Create Your Own Salary (previously Business Breakthrough) • Estie Starr
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Robb Holman is a super inspirational serial entrepreneur. After a health scare and miraculous recovery, in his senior year of college, Robb went on to catch the entrepreneurial bug and started multiple companies, his latest one being Rob Holman International. In this episode we discuss how to have the confidence to charge what you’re worth and make sure to collect money that is owed to you. We also discuss the struggle of trying to get your creative juices flowing when they’re just not coming and you’ve got a deadline to meet.




My Guest: Robb Holman

Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker and best-selling author who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and knowledge needed for success. He has written in Inc., Forbes, Fast Company and is a serial entrepreneur. He also used to be a professional basketball player. Robb lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.


Pivotal Moments:

  • A spiritual awakening during his final year of college took Robb from his MBA aspirations to entrepreneurship.
  • Age 21: Started a motivational basketball program for youth which he ran for 10 years.
  • Age 21/22: Opened a basketball clothing company that became a street brand.
  • Age 25/26: Met his wife and realized that he needed to start taking it easier and ease up on his work schedule.
  • Age 27/28: Started an international non-denominational church movement.
  • Age 42: Started Holman International and is now in the content business, writing books, speaking and coaching others.


The Advice:

Get over your fear to charge what you’re worth. If you have trouble charging or collecting money, you need to find a solution:
1. Man up and realize your worth and charge for it. Look at industry norms, get a sense of where you fall in the spectrum of offerings in terms of what you provide and charge a fair amount.
2. Hand over money handling to someone else, either a bookkeeper or billing company, who can take it out of your hands.

The Struggle:

Robb shares his struggle of dealing with deadlines. Since he is in the content business, he has lots of deadlines both internal  and external with his production and marketing teams waiting for his content. Writing is a creative pursuit and he has a message to share, but when he sits down to write, his creative juices just don’t always flow.

The Breakthrough:

It’s important to understand your personal chronotype. Work with your body and the way it interacts with time, to do what you need to make things happen. Robb is a morning person and he starts his day with prayer and mindfulness. He uses that early time, what he calls “his best time” in the day for client and community meetings, which he now realizes is the wrong time for it. In the mornings he is already in the right frame of mind for content creation, so he should take that time to write, and do his meetings later in the day when they may go even better. There’s more information on this in Daniel Pink’s book “When” that can help Robb to improve his time interface.
Additionally, Robb feels that he needs to take off a half day each week so that he can do his job properly. Since this is the case for him, it should be viewed as part of the job, not an added luxury.


“Much of the world either sees the glass half empty or half filled, but I always see it overflowing”

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