Ep.10 "I am the law!"
Episode 1017th June 2019 • THE REEL DEBATERS PODCAST • The Reel Debaters Podcast
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YO ADRIAN! One of the most famous lines from Sylvester Stallone's resume of movies. But what about the rest? Most of us will admit that it's either the Rocky Franchise or the Rambo series that comes to mind first when you think of good ol' Sly.

This week on The Reel Debaters we decided to highlight some of his other lesser celebrated characters with a twist.

The Scenario: Who ever we pick we have to argue why said character would be up for the task in a Camp Directors position at a summer camp of our choosing.

Rules: No Rocky and no Rambo, thats it!

Movies being used are Demolition Man, Judge Dredd, Over The Top and Cliffhanger 

Cast: In order of picked first to last for red rover in elementary school , Mark Cowell, Micheal Petrow, Christopher Stanton and Martin Navarro.

Trailer of the Week: Dr Sleep


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