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Thinking hazard and risk assessment when you have alpacas around
Episode 1629th February 2022 • Alpaca Tribe • Steve Heatherington
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Listen in to find out about the fox drama followed by the lifebuoy drama.

The things these alpacas get up to!

I always loved the concept of managing by wandering around since I first came across it in a previous life (ie before alpacas). Who knew you could apply it to managing your alpacas?

"What are you doing Steve?"

"Oh, I am just managing the alpacas!" - no really!

Some things to look out for

when having your risk assessment wander

  • Tangles
  • Gaps
  • Risk of physical injury - thorns, nails, collapses, mud, water, fighting
  • Holes - eg molehills or tunnels, or rabbit holes, or gopher holes, with stumble points
  • Poisoning


  • Remove
  • Exclude
  • Repair
  • Prepare