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Taking gaming to the next level through gummies – Podcast
30th November 2021 • SupplySide Stories • SupplySide Stories
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While forecast for positive growth in the gaming industry continues, new health condition concerns have emerged, illuminating new dietary necessities. For optimal performance, high intensity competitors require focus, stress management, sustained energy, eye health support, sharp reflexes and stamina. This Gamers market is Global and it’s captured the attention of ProCaps Funtrition´s new product development initiatives. 

Gamers, like all athletes, require clean, sustained energy and support for their particular activity demands. They also need convenient format that can we consumed on-the-fly, in the heat of performance. Funtrition by Procaps has developed a unique formulation that can be created for your private label or brand. Using a blend of non-stimulating efficacious ingredients formulated within clean fruit flavored gummies – including allulose for flavor, botanicals, l-theanine, and more – Funtrition's Game-on formulation meets gamers needs for gaining the competitive edge and can do the same for your gamer sports nutrition brand.


Julie Cuello  

Marketing Coordinator, Funtrition™ by Procaps 

In Julie’s Strategic Marketing role in Funtrition™, she works to leverage the brand's innovative product development with the purpose of easing their customers' product launch process. She supports the development and execution of varied marketing activities including branding, tradeshow marketing, digital content, press, campaigns. Based in Funtrition™'s headquarters in Colombia, Julie provides an international outlook moved by creativity, combining science and art to create the perfect gummy to market experience.

Santiago Martínez 

Research and Development Analyst, Funtrition™ by Procaps 

Santiago holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Colombia and specializes in food & beverage R&D. At Funtrition™ Santiago brings his passionate for doing what he loves through science, and has helped create innovative and indulgent products in gummy format.