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Engage Video Marketing Podcast - Ben Amos EPISODE 103, 29th July 2019
EVM103 What to say in YouTube Videos for Maximum Engagement with Dane Golden

EVM103 What to say in YouTube Videos for Maximum Engagement with Dane Golden

What can you do to encourage people to keep watching the videos you create for your business? In Episode 103 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, Dane Golden joins us again to share his expertise on what to say and share when creating content that keeps the audience watching and wanting more.

Dane Golden is the CEO of Hey.com, a company that is dedicated to bringing their customers more value for their video marketing efforts. They offer services on YouTube channel management and optimization services. Dane is also the Vice President of Marketing and Growth for VeeRoll, a platform that helps businesses create targeted YouTube ads.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Dane’s backstory on the work he does in the world of video.
  • The core services of Hey.com 
  • How businesses should approach YouTube in 2019 and beyond.
  • Producing YouTube content for your target audience to help grow your business.
  • The difference of communication on videos and blogs
  • Understanding how to create effective value-based content.
  • Tips on structuring tutorial content that provides value for the audience instead of just trying to sell your product.
  • Interesting data unpacked byHey.com and TubeBuddy in their recent survey that can help you in creating effective videos.
  • How to keep people watching your videos and build on your retention.
  • The key thing to remember when creating value-based content.
  • Moving people from watching your content to buying from your business.

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