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Which Marketing Channel Should I use? Google or Facebook?
Episode 223rd June 2021 • Growth Velocity Show - Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Startup Tip‪s‬ • Howard Kingston
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#002- Which Marketing Channel Should I use? 🧐Google or Facebook, which is best for me? Questions I hear all the time. In this episode, I share how to choose whether Facebook or Google as your company's marketing channel.

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I'm Howard from Growth Velocity Academy. And in this session, I want to talk a little bit about Google or Facebook, because they're two of the biggest platforms out there. It's a question I get all the time when I'm speaking to a new student or a CEO of a business, I always hear like, should I be really doubling down on Google? Or should I be doubling down on Facebook or doubling down on Instagram, and I'm gonna kind of bundle in Facebook and Instagram. For the purpose of this episode. I'm just going to bundle them in together. I know they're different guys. I know they're different. But I'm going to bundle them in together, hey, they're owned by the same company, aren't they? So here's the way to think about it. Right? If you're kind of thinking about I know Google is big, and Facebook is vague. First of all, I'm going to tell you the way not to think about it. Alright, so don't do this, this is the biggest common mistake is people go, Oh, I like Facebook. So I'm going to do all my marketing on Facebook. Or Hold on, I learned how to do Google ads for my last business. Therefore, I'm just going to do Google ads for this business that I'm working on. So that's the wrong way to do and then I see people make that mistake a lot of people either because they know how to do one platform more than the other, they just focus on that, or because they personally use it. Now, unless you are your perfect customer. That's a bad way to do it. Alright, don't assume you just because you like the platform, doesn't mean that it's the best one for your business. Okay, so instead, let's think about the right way to think about I'll give you a kind of three tips on this. So the first one is, are you a painkiller? Or are you a Vitamin? Now, what are you talking about? So every single business is either a painkiller or a vitamin. All right? And think about that. What's a painkiller? Imagine you went into a chemist, alright? If you were going up to the store, and you up to the counter, and you're asking for a painkiller, guess what? It's because you've maybe got a toothache or you've got a problem. And you need a tablet that is going to solve that problem. Isn't that right?


Or if you're going to buy a vitamin, a vitamin is not really like that you don't really have that solid problem. And instead, what do you want, you kind of want to go and you know, you don't have a major problem, but you do want to maybe make your life a little bit better. Alright. And there are two very different needs. So when you think about it, when let's use that example, when we're talking about painkillers. If someone has a problem in today's world, where do they go to solve the problem? To get the answer to that problem? Well, it used to be that people would go on to the Yellow Pages and kind of look for service and call them and say, Hey, can you help me? Like I've got a toothache or I've got this problem. My boiler is broken, whatever, my windows broken, can you come and fix it, that's where the Yellow Pages used to be. But the Yellow Pages ain't around anymore. So now people are going to Google for that. Right? So people would go in and they'll Google the Google under look for the solution of the problem. Okay, so if your product is a kind of product that solves a type of problem


then Google will be a really good one for you. So examples of that, you know, someone looking to get their haircut so when looking to get you to know, if they've got a pain if they've got a toothache, someone looking for a doctor, it most service type businesses fit really nicely into that. Okay, so there's an example of painkillers. Now when I'm let's talk about the second group which is the vitamins and their vitamins are not if someone has pain, rather it's about why do you take a bit of money you take a vitamin not because maybe you have a toothache, you take a vitamin because you kind of want to get healthier, you want to have a better


life, you want to get even kind of enjoy your life even more. And from a vitamins perspective when it comes to businesses, vitamins are things which kind of make your life better. You don't have to have that. But they will make your life a bit nicer if you do just like a vitamin tablet. So examples of these computer games, fashion, luxury fashion, things like this. These are all things which are great, great vitamin products. And guess what, just like a vitamin in a chemist, people go on to Facebook and Instagram because guess what, they just want to make their lives a bit easier and a bit nicer. Okay, you don't go on to Facebook, because you've got a toothache and you're looking for a dentist, at least most people don't do that.


So people go onto Facebook and Instagram because they're a bit bored, and they want some entertainment. So that's the perfect time to kind of catch them in that moment.


Kind of get them in the zone, and kind of introduce some nice kind of visual product that will make their life a little bit easier or cure their boredom, even though a bit more Does this make sense? So the big thing for you to decide is are you a painkiller? Or are you a vitamin, okay? And then that will help you decide which one of those two you are. And I would really then suggest, once you're going there, once you've come to decide one or the other to test either Google or Facebook for you. Okay, now a little bit of a ninja tip, if you do want to, if you are thinking, for example, you might be Google, then just go on to a cool tool like Google Keyword Tool or something like sem rush. And you can see what people are searching for on Google. So you can see of people who do have the problem that your service or your product sells in the market, right, I would say you’re probably able to have a good guess of that already. But if you do want to get some kind of data insights on that just jump onto something like Google Keyword Tool, I'll tell you even more. Okay, and then goes, the very final part I'd say is a course when once you start doing things a little bit more advanced, you can combine the two really, really nice. So for example, you can


target people using google ads, and then retarget them on Facebook and vice versa. Okay, so that's how you can kind of link the two things together. So the three top tips I was really sharing with you there is tip number one is decide whether you're a painkiller or a vitamin, that's the really big one for you. Tip number two is if you want to get some insights into jump onto a tool, like something like Google Keyword Planner, and then tip number three is if you want to go a little bit more advanced, you can start combining them using retargeting using one of the main channels to acquire people but then letting people get retargeted on the other channel, like Facebook, or vice versa. Okay, so guys, hopefully, that's useful. It's a question I hear all the time. I'd love to know. Do you normally target people do you think your business is a painkiller or a vitamin product? I'd love to hear from you just share in the comments below. Are you a vitamin or a painkiller product and which are the channels that work for you? Okay, peace out and see you soon.


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