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(EP: 122) Covid-19 - Sanitizing Homes & Cars - New Product
Episode 12223rd April 2020 • Bo Knows Real Estate • Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR
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Want to sanitize and disinfect your car and home against Covid-19, SARS, H1N1 as well as germs? Here is a new product and service that will help do that.

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Sanitizing homes and cars. Introducing a brand-new product and service here in Winnipeg coming up next.

You're listening to the Bo Knows real estate podcast, tips and advice for home buyers Sellers and owners with award-winning Remax Agent Bo Kauffmann.

All right, so a couple of weeks ago friend mine who is the business development manager at Eastside Collision is name is Doug McGuffin reached out to me and told me about a brand new product that they are importing or bringing into Manitoba and they hold the sport for I believe western Canada. And it's a product that helps people disinfect their cars and it can be taken a step further. So let me introduce Doug Magoffin and let's find out more about it.

All right, so I'm here with Doug of East Side Collision and he's told me about a great new product that they got a hold of that helps sanitize, disinfect cars. Doug, tell me a little bit more about it.

Yeah, for sure Bo thanks for having me. So we came across a new product. It's called Environize natural vehicle disinfecting and sanitizing service and what this is about is it's a new way for us to clean and sanitize your vehicle prior to it coming into the shop just to ensure everyone's safety. With the recent events of what's going on nowadays, everyone's health and safety is of utmost importance. So what we've done is we've taken it upon ourselves to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff. So we're going to be sanitizing every vehicle that comes into East Side prior for repairs.

And after we return it back to the customer and what this product does it's a fogging system that allows us to get into every nook and cranny inside a vehicle and the fogging machine will get in there with the solution our Environize solution and kill and destroy, in fact any of the harmful bacteria or viruses that may be in there. I kills everything like mold mildew, bacteria, viruses such as E coli, H1N1, covid. So everything that's out there nowadays if people are worried about this disinfectant cleaning will will take care of that.

So that's awesome. So if somebody brings in their car for Auto Pack repairs, you said you're going to do it when the car first comes in and then you can do it at the end when the car goes back to the customer as well.

Yeah, that's correct Bo. So we're going to bring it in we're going to disinfect it. It when it comes into the shop. So the safety of our of our technicians is going to be taken care of and then prior to releasing the vehicle back to the client after we've done our quality assurance test. The vehicle will be parked in our service Bay and it will be fogged One Last Time prior to us giving the vehicle back to the customer and all they do is they get in the car themself and drive it out the shop. So it is our version of a note touch service.

Now I can think of a lot of different companies and services that could benefit just from having their cars done even without Autopac repairs. So I'm thinking police vehicles, ambulance, taxis, moving vans, anything like that. Do you offer this service to somebody who is not going through an autopac claim?

Yes Bo. That's a very good question. We have had a number of people inquired about that have their own their secondary Vehicles whether or not they can have this service done. So there is a need for this and there are people that are interested in it. So for your regular passenger vehicle, it's going to be a wipe down and sanitizing fog of your interior. Vehicle and that cost is going to be 29.99 and we would ask that you would make an appointment for that service to be performed and it's just a matter of about a half an hour at the shop and you're on your way.

Tell me what number would they call to make that appointment?

You can call us at our main office number which is area code 204-237-7111, and any one of our helpful staff would be more than happy to book an appointment for you.

Is that just on the merrion street location, or is it elsewhere too

 No this is available at any one of our three Facilities so we have our Marion shop at 847 for Marion Street. We have east side. truck collision which is out on Inkster in route 90 and then we also have Moray Auto Body and Glass on Moray St..

Okay, so that as exciting as that all is for cars what really gets me going is that you can offer this service to anybody who's moving into a house. Let's say for example, so let's say somebody bought a house from me and they're moving in next week. I could hire you to do this service for the house.

That is correct. So again, it would be the exact same application with the fogging machine. We come perform a general wipe down of any of the high touch areas such as your door knobs your light switches anything in the house that that you're touching on a regular basis and you may leave oil off your hands and your fingers the bacteria and viruses get trapped in that so just to take it a step further we wiped out on those high traffic areas and then it's just a matter of walking through the house with are fogging machine. And again, it gets into every nook and cranny and kills all the bad stuff that you don't want your house.

Okay, so you create a fog inside the house it settles and kills germs and viruses on contact is that what I understand?

Yes, that's correct. The product is made up of chlorine, sodium and water and it's a very low dosages. It is approved by Health Canada. So there is a drug and identification number along with it as well. And again, it settles just like a fine do in the morning that you would see on your vehicle. It leaves no residue and you may smell a faint smell of a pool smell for 10 minutes or so on green. Yep. Chlorine spell yeah, right.

Awesome. That's that's really exciting. So REALTORS can just give you a call at that same number, and offer this as a service.

That's correct.

Well, okay so as dismissed settles that doesn't matter whether it's carpet or hardwood floors or linoleum on the floor. Does that matter?

No, it doesn't matter. We just try to keep it away from any electronic surfaces, of course because it is a wet application, right? But other than that it you would see no residue, it's really best to do when the house is empty when like just before you move your furniture and kind of thing problem. Yeah, it would be it would be a little bit more difficult to get in all the different areas if the house was full of furniture, but it would be best to apply it, you know in an empty house.

That sounds really exciting. Well, thank you very much Doug and I appreciate the time. No problem. Go have a great day. And thanks for having me you to take care Buddy .

All right, that was very exciting news. And so I'm now going to match it with this exciting offer if you're going to buy a house or a condo and use me as your agent and the house or condo is worth $200,000 or more. I will offer this service free of charge on The Possession data so that you know, you're going to be moving into a clean sanitized disinfect that house now keep in mind that the house itself won't be necessary cleaned, but all the germs on the viruses will be taken care of when you move in. So who do you know is looking to buy house or a condo April May and June because I Run this forever. I'm going to be having the service offered to you and performed for you on possession date remind me when you buy a house with me remind me of this offer that you heard it here. And I think this is a very exciting development for houses and for cars and hey, if you're still with me at this point, why not grab my free podcasting app available for IOS and Android devices. It's super easy. Just go to Winnipeg

dot tips / apple / or so. Android that's Winnipeg dot t-- / IPS apple or / Android that way you'll never miss another episode about Winnipeg real estate or both. You've been listening to Bow Kaufman of RE/MAX performance Realty. Are you thinking of buying or selling house or a condo in Winnipeg? Call Bo at 204-333-2202 Remember bo knows real estate.

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