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Putting More Compassion Into Foster Care (Feat. Rob Scheer)
25th July 2022 • Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders • National Society of Leadership and Success
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Rob Scheer and his husband Reece adopted five children from foster care. Their children came to their home carrying what few possessions they had in a black trash bag. Forty years earlier, Rob transported his possessions the same way when he entered the system.

It angered Rob to realize he had been out of the system for that long, and kids were still carrying their belongings in trash bags. So, he reimagined an approach where kids could transport their belongings with dignity and called it Comfort Cases. 

Rob emphasizes that the foster care system is beyond broken—it's shattered. When a child turns 18, everyone turns their backs on them. That leaves 430,000 children in the foster care system living in uncertainty because of a choice someone else made. In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about Rob’s personal experience with the foster care system, the need for programs to help kids transition out of foster care, and the inspiration behind Comfort Cases.


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Listen to the bonus episode to learn why the past home lives of foster kids must be acknowledged and why Rob encourages everyone to always be proud to tell their story. (

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