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1141 - Creating Disruptive Technology with Naked Development's John Driscoll
27th March 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder and CEO of Naked Development, John Driscoll. 

Naked Development is a creative development agency that builds mobile and web apps for startups. Their DNA reaches out to disruptive tech and startups, John explains. They’ve worked with major brands such as Quicksilver, UPS, Bank of America, The Jim Henson Company, and more. Naked Development offers services around brand strategy, product design UI/UX, product strategy, software development, digital marketing, and more. 

John shares some exciting news on one of Naked Developments newest applications and he explains that they have really innovated in the way of automation. Naked Development specializes in working with entrepreneurs who aren’t as tech forward so that no matter what, their business has the necessary tech built for them. John explains that he mentors founders through the tech building process. You have to be able to think correctly when it comes to tech. There are rules, and you can succeed, but you have to play the game right to come out with a functional, effective new technology. 

Josh and John also explore how money moves differently than it used to. The concept of what a ‘bank’ is is changing – now, either your employer or a third party has the ability to hold your money for you. 

John explains that even small businesses can ‘become’ banks. You don’t need to be massive to offer this type of service. This is a trillion dollar industry and investment opportunities are on the horizon. The banking industry is about to be seriously disrupted, and John predicts that in the next few years, we won’t be walking into banks anymore, period. Now is a very good time to begin investing in startups that offer these ‘banking’ services. John says you need to change the rules of the game to see the best opportunities. Be a game-changing disrupter – or invest in one. There’s a mass of untapped potential in the banking space, and it’s only a matter of time before the industry changes dramatically.

Technology is about solving human problems, it’s about people. If you can take the friction out of people’s lives with technology, you’re using it properly. If you want to learn more about Naked Development’s disruptive work, check out their case studies linked below. 

Check out Naked Development’s YoutTube channel here.

Interested in Naked Development’s case studies? Check out their work here

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Check out John Driscoll on LinkedIn at

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