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Coffee or podcasts: Which came first in India with Shankar of Writer and Geek Podcast
Episode 115th October 2019 • Geopats Coffee • Stephanie Fuccio
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Shankar is a Writer, Podcaster and he claims to be a newbie to coffee. However, after having this conversation with him and hearing his coffee experiences in his home country of India, I beg to differ. I think he is a bonafide coffee fanatic and a discriminating one at that. We chat about his first coffee experience, coffee culture in Northern versus Southern India and why he intentionally does not use a coffee grinder at home. In between the laughter, Shankar teaches us about the growing coffee culture in India, especially in his current city of Bangalore, the I.T. capital of the country AND where his brother (hi Vishnu!) and he spend a lot of time in coffee shops researching their Writer & Geek Podcast

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