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Be The Gift, Part 2
Episode 17630th January 2024 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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In this episode, Mark shares more about the powerful "Be the Gift Challenge" he initiated during Christmas. He explores the profound parallels between Game of Thrones' iconic theme "Winter is Coming" and the challenges faced in marriages. Drawing lessons from the series, he emphasizes the inevitability of life's challenges, urging you as a man to prepare emotionally for Christmas and New Year, regardless of your marital situation. Mark advocates for the importance of a supportive brotherhood, highlighting its role in confronting internal struggles. Rejecting the idea of a single solution, he stresses the need for a focused strategy to address the root causes of pain, guiding you towards empowerment and authentic self-discovery.

Episode Summary:

  • Mark Santiago introduces the next level of his podcast empowered AF 2.0, focusing on healthy communication, lifestyle, and personal growth.
  • Mark references Game of Thrones to emphasize the unpredictability of life and the importance of being prepared for challenges, using the theme "winter is coming" as a metaphor.
  • Mark discusses the theme of winter coming in the series, emphasizing its apocalyptic implications.
  • Mark compares the show's focus on winter to the way people ignore looming problems in their own lives, such as divorce or separation.
  • Using pain to overcome obstacles in life. 4:37
  • Mark notes that the White Walkers in Game of Thrones are relentless and overwhelming, despite efforts to defeat them with Valerian steel.
  • A plan is ultimately successful in defeating the White Walkers, led by a brother and sister who work together to kill the king and shatter the army.
  • Mark discusses the importance of facing pain and taking responsibility for personal growth, using the story of a linchpin to illustrate the idea that one key element can lead to significant change.
  • Mark encourages listeners to be the gift they want to receive during the holiday season, rather than ignoring or denying problems.
  • Coping with divorce during the holiday season. 9:29
  • Mark acknowledges that winter (divorce) is coming for many couples, and preparation is key to being the best version of oneself.
  • Mark encourages listeners to choose between being the "best version" or "bitch version" of themselves during the upcoming holiday season.
  • Mark struggles with maintaining a facade of confidence and normalcy during a stressful family event, revealing their inner turmoil and emotional pain.
  • Mark acknowledges the importance of confronting and dealing with your emotions, rather than burying them and pretending everything is fine, in order to move forward and find a positive outcome.
  • The importance of addressing internal trauma for personal growth. 13:25
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of a "brotherhood" in overcoming personal struggles and achieving success (14:56).
  • A brotherhood can provide support, accountability, and the ability to "call out the enemy" (15:04).
  • Mark acknowledges that the pain he is experiencing is not solely caused by external circumstances, but rather by internal trauma that he has neglected to address.
  • Mark recognizes the need for a "Brotherhood" to help him address this internal pain and take on the "motherfucker" that is causing it.
  • Overcoming toxic masculinity and self-sabotage. 18:39
  • Mark internalized negative self-talk from fathe and attracted unhealthy relationships.
  • Mark reflects on past relationships, realizing he was unintentionally disempowered and seeks personal growth.
  • Personal growth and empowerment. 22:13
  • "There's got to be a better way for men."
  • "Become a man of integrity and authenticity, stop lying to yourself."
  • Mark challenges listeners to join a 90-day brotherhood to take back power in their lives and own their mistakes.
  • A past participant who repeated the same patterns in multiple marriages finally found success with the program's help.
  • Mark challenges listeners to take ownership of their lives and become the gift to themselves, their families, and their future.
  • Mark thanks listeners for joining the podcast and encourages them to visit previous episodes for foundational knowledge on being an empowered man.

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