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The Editing Podcast - Louise Harnby (fiction editor) and Denise Cowle (non-fiction editor) EPISODE 2, 20th November 2019
Rob Drummond on grammar pedantry and peevery
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Rob Drummond on grammar pedantry and peevery

Denise and Louise talk with linguist Rob Drummond about grammar pedantry, peevery, youth language, and non-standard language in context.

Listen To Find Out More About:

  • Correct or conventional – a linguist’s perspective
  • Better versus standard
  • Zombie rules, and what we can ditch
  • Youth language – dumbing down English or enriching it?
  • Young people's language in relation to identity and language change
  • Varieties of English in written communication: globalization, national and cultural identities
  • The internet’s impact on pedantry and peevery
  • The relationship between knowledge and pedantry
  • The difference between preferences and judgements
  • Recognizing our own pedantry and respecting contextually appropriate style
  • Stepping outside our linguistic comfort zones

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