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Changing your mindset for success with Dean Graziosi.
Episode 1201st June 2020 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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In this week’s podcast I am bringing you an interview with the legend Dean Graziosi. Dean is a multiple New York Times best-selling author, an entrepreneur and an investor. We are going to be talking all about mindset and how Dean has got to be the success he is today.

  • If you want to be in a different place in a year or 5 years from now, you have to start planting those seeds today.
  • The only person you have to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.
  • “The definition of success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill.
  • It is okay to fail!
  • Success isn’t easy, but it’s beyond worth it.
  • Share what you know and get paid for it.
  • You have to be the guardian of your thoughts.
  • Don’t regret your past mistakes, just keep moving forward.
  • Keep on Innovating and implementing.
  • It is down to you how you come out of this crisis.
  • Whatever gets our attention, gets results.
  • Identify what is truly important to you, and then say no to everything else.
  • Make a list of things you are going to stop doing.
  • Don’t let anybody dim your glow.
  • Replace envy and anger with compassion.
There is no such thing as an overnight success, but the opportunity is there if want it. You are choosing to better yourself and level up, and I know you are capable.
  • An introduction to Dean - 07:37
  • Mindset is everything - 14:05
  • Marketing and mindset - 20:24
  • Stand out moments - 27:48
  • Levelling up your mindset - 33:03
  • Thriving during a crisis - 35:43
  • Commitment - 44:00
  • Managing your time - 45:42
  • What’s next? - 53:10
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Hello and welcome to this very special episode of the podcast. So you might be sitting there thinking, why is it so special Teresa? Well, I've got an interview for you today that to be totally honest in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined doing this interview. But I want to give you a little bit of a backstory before I tell you who it is as to how it came about because it was kind of a little bit strange but wonderful. So you know that I am a little bit woo-woo now. I never used to be and my friends and family who have known me for obviously a very, very long time don't recognise that side of me, but I am and I just think, well, what's the harm in trying? What's the harm in giving this some thought or doing this thing? If it helps, then great.

So the other week I was on a Zoom call with my good friend Biz Paul and we were chatting away about the podcast and I just happened to say to him, do you know what I could do with like a really amazing guest? Now, I have had some of the most amazing guests, so it certainly wasn't me sitting there going, I need someone good, I haven't. It was like, who on earth could I possibly go for next? Because I have had such amazing people. And if you're new to the podcast, you might not know that I've had Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Jasmine Star, Tyler J. McCall, James Wedmore, Michael Hyatt, Mary Hyatt. Like honestly, I've had some really amazing, amazing people and so many more and I know I'm going to miss off the names and I feel terrible.

But I was just sat there saying to Biz Paul, I can really do with like a really good guest, that'd be A's. I'm going to have, to have a think about who I could approach. Obviously Brene Brown is always on the list. And I'm working up a highway approach here. So anyway, I sit there and then 30 minutes later, I am not even kidding you. I promise you I'm not making this up. 30 minutes later, a DM came into my Instagram which presented this opportunity of this interview to me. Like if the universe wasn't listening to my conversation and trying to help me out, I don't know what or how that happened, but all I know is how very grateful I am for it and how I welcome even more of it to come.

So let me tell about today's guest. Today I am bringing you an interview with the legend and yes I can say that because I think he is a legend, Dean Graziosi. Now, if you don't know who Dean Graziosi is, you're going to want to Google him for starters. But let me read you his bio because seriously, it's crazy. So Dean Graziosi is a multiple New York Times bestselling author. He's an entrepreneur and investor and he has started or has been involved with 13 companies that have resulted in over a $1 billion revenue. For 20 years Dean has been dedicated to delivering self education to those seeking transformation and success outside the normal path of traditional education.

Recently he and get this, Tony Robbins. Yeah, their friends like, oh my word. Launch the knowledge business blueprint with a goal of making self-education viable for millions. It began with one of the largest online trainings in history with over 200,000 people live. Like could you imagine doing a webinar where you've got 200,000 people live watching you? He lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona and I was looking at Arizona and it looks amazing. I think that's on our list of places to move to, with his wife Lisa and his three children.

So this guy is not small fry. He is a very, very well respected and well known business person. Let me just tell you a few people who've interviewed this guy. So he's being interviewed by Larry King, like a proper person that interviews people, the worst English ever, that Teresa. He's been interviewed by Ed Mylett, by Louis Hughes. He has testimonials on his videos from Richard Branson and his best mates with Tony Robbins having spoke at Tony's events. Like honestly in my wildest dreams, I couldn't imagine that someone the size of Dean and how well known and well respected he is would ever give me the time to have this interview. I am so, so very grateful, not only to be given the opportunity for me to speak to him for a good 45 minutes, but also the opportunity to bring this interview to you because everything he says in here is like music to my ears and I just want you to take it in.

Now, I know that people listen to podcasts and I listen to podcasts while doing something else, but I really want you to concentrate on some of the stuff this guy has to say because he knows what he's talking about. And honestly, I think you're going to love it. I want much love for this episode and for Dean. I want us to put it everywhere, tag me into every social media profile you've got with this episode because honestly, I could not be more grateful to bring this to you. Thank you so much as always for listening. I love that you give me your time and I really hope that you love this episode as much as I loved recording it.


An introduction to Dean


Here we go. Okay, so today it gives me the greatest honour to welcome to the podcast, entrepreneurial and personal development legend, Dean Graziosi. Dean, welcome.

It's good to be here Teresa, how are you?

I am great. Thank you. I'm really, really good. How are you?

Fantastic. Fantastic. Besides, you might hear a little chainsaw in the back from my neighbour, but other than that we are solid to go.

I think we can do it with that.

Yeah. And listen, I just want to say something, Teresa, it's amazing what you do. My team gave me a briefing of all the things that you have going on, the impact you're making on the world. I want to say congratulations for what you've accomplished, the people you're helping, people listening to this podcast right now are going to gain capabilities to go faster and quicker towards their goals. And that's a pretty amazing thing. And the other thing I want to promise everybody who's listening, there's millions of podcasts. There's millions of videos you could be watching. If you're with us right now, I promise this is my desire to serve. If I'm going to take the time, we're going to light it up. So let's have some fun.

That sounds perfect. Thank you, Dean. Okay, so let's start by normal standard question. In case my audience have been living under a rock and don't know who you are, can you just give us a really brief overview of who you are and how you got to do what you're doing today?

Yeah, so I'll do it. I'll share it in a way enough to give you insight to understand why I am qualified to give you some great advice today. I promise you I'm not going to share anything today that's a dream, a hope or something I think could work. I'm going to share it through experience. So I've been an entrepreneur my entire adult life, by 11th grade I had a firewood cutting business and by 12th grade I was buying old rundown beat up wrecked cars, fixing them and selling them. But I think more than that, and I'll give you a quick brief of that, more than I think what's important for everybody listening or watching right now is that I know what it's like to want more. I know what it's like to feel left behind.

I know what it's like to have envy of other people getting ahead and you just don't know where to start or you started and you don't know how to scale it. I've had those emotions, the sleepless nights, the stomach aches, the feeling like I'm never going to reach my full potential, but I've also, I know what it feels like to break through with that, to figure out authentic marketing, to get my first sale, my 10th sale, to get to a hundred grand a year and then a hundred grand a quarter and then a hundred grand a month and then a hundred grand a day and then a hundred grand by lunch. I've been through all of those journeys, failed miserably in between. Felt like an imposter, had family and friends tell me I was an idiot and a fool for trying to do something above my pay grade. I didn't to college. I barely got out of high school.

All of those things so that the best thing I could share about me is I'm here today that I've been blessed to start 13 different companies. I'm a multiple New York Times bestselling author. I've had more success than I ever imagined possible. I get to partner and be friends with the people that were my heroes at one point of my life. And I didn't come from anything, I didn't go to school for this. So I think the best thing about my story is that I'm qualified to deliver advice. But no matter where you're sitting, just wanting to start and don't know what the first step, in the middle wanting to scale or you're crushing and want to optimise. I've been at every one of those. So that's why I think it's a good thing that we sit and have a little conversation today.

Absolutely. So, I mean that is incredible. And also, obviously as I was prepping and re-looking at things and re-reading things, I went back and looked at your YouTube, your main video that you have on YouTube of who you are. And show rule of showreels, like that is, I couldn't even start to imagine or I'd love to imagine having something like that. Did you ever think in your wildest dreams when you first started or when you even started getting some of your success that genuinely that's where your life would end?

No. That Richard Branson would be like deans of bad-ass entrepreneur and Tony Robbins and Larry King, no. Heck no. Let me be blunt. Hell no. I remember in high school, listen, here's one thing I did know Teresa, and I would bet this for everybody listening, because if you're listening, your somebody who wants another level, right? You could have bingeing out on Netflix right now and beyond your 14th different series, right? But you're here so you want another level. So I just want to tell you this, there were points in my life where I was just hoping I could make a thousand dollars a week and not be broke like my parents. Right? And I know what that feels like. But then there was a point where I hated watching my mom struggle to make nothing.

And I knew I was going to be successful no matter what so I could retire her and then retire my dad. And I did both of that in my 20s. But no, I didn't ... But here's the thing. Here's the part that can crush everybody and this is a part I want everyone to listen right now. Like right this moment, get rid of distractions. This is really important is when you see someone that has success, yes, I live in the house of my dreams. Yes, I get to do cool stuff like fly private and do all this cool stuff with Tony Robbins and go to Richard Branson's island with him for a week and all this crazy stuff, but it didn't start there and what that can do when you see other people on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube in their Lambos, their fancy watches and the jets, you're like, oh, it's so far from here to there.

Can I really even get there? And what it can actually do is not inspire you but demotivate you to think I'm starting with four followers. It'll never work. Listen, we all started there. We all started as underdogs. We all started questioning ourselves. We all started feeling like imposters. We all started with hoping to get one person to believe in us. If you want to be in a different place a year or five years from now, you have to plant seeds right now. No matter where you are, because here's the thing, you're still going to deal with crap in your life, no matter what job or career you're in. Shit happens, for lack of a better word, people disappoint you. You're let down. You have to deal with problems. You're going to be stressed, and the next five years is going to go by anyway, so why not start today, right?

Why not start planting seeds? Listen, farmers plant apple trees, they don't produce crops for seven years, but then they produce apples for 25, right? We all have to plant seeds. We all have to start somewhere. And here's the thing, there's one person out there right now that needs you, needs what you're going to share with the world, needs your product, needs your service, needs your course, needs your book, needs your mastermind, your workshop. They need it. And don't look at, I need to change the world. Change one person first and then change five and then change 50 and then go to a hundred and in a year from now, you'll look back and see a culture of progress. And in five years you could look back and not even recognise yourself. And in 32 years for me being an entrepreneur, I can't believe I'm here, but I didn't get here overnight.

I've been working my ass off for 30 years. I love it. I wouldn't change a thing. But I think sometimes social media, Teresa sees a young kid in a Lambo and it looks like it happened overnight. Half of those people are renting it or taking a picture in front of a friends. Other ones had great success at a young age. And I love it, but they also haven't faced the recession yet. Or a shift in the economy. That's when wisdom comes in, allows you to thrive in those times. So just know the only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday. And if you look at that, anything's possible. Believe me, I am a shining bright example of that.


Mindset is everything


And do you know what? I love the message of this isn't an overnight and often people look at someone who is successful and think, oh, it's okay for them because look where they are right now. Look what they've got. It's easy for them to say these things, but they don't see the journey or they haven't seen the journey. And like you said, when we're sat in a position where we're like, okay, we're not there yet. Having the faith and the absolute tenacity to just keep going and going and going. And no matter how many times I'm not dying to get back up again, and I think for me, the thing is, I know I'm going to be there. I can't tell you when. I can't tell you how.

Yeah, of course. Exactly.

But I know it.

What is my favourite quote from Winston Churchill is the definition of success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. That's just it. Listen, and here's the thing you guys all have to remember, while I'll talk about marketing, I'll share anything. There's no question off limits, I'm here to serve. But I want you to know something, if you don't have the right mindset, you'll never make this. You'll never make it because I believe there's like a success auditor and you have to fail. All those failures, all those roadblocks, people not believing in you, the money not being there, the partner letting you down, all of those things, the spouse thinking you're crazy and a dreamer. What if that was all designed for you? By God, the universe, whatever you believe in. By the success auditor, and you had to get through that because it might take you three failures and I'm sorry to say it could take you 30 failures.

It's all by design, but what if on the 31st try or the seventh try, your next level of life appear? I promise you, your next level of life, abundance, income, wealth, lives on the other side of the fear you have or the mountain you have to climb. Success isn't easy, but it's beyond worth it. It's not worth it just a little bit. It's worth it that you have control of freedom, time and money. When you have control of your time and money, what else can you do? When people say money can't buy happiness, I say, you haven't given enough away yet, so don't give me that crap because there's nothing better than cutting a check to solve other people's problems.

I can only imagine, that would just be such a peaceful thing to do. Was there a point where you were like yeah, now I've made it? Or is it a continual gradual thing?


Oh great.

I'm always afraid it's going to go away. I am like, I am. I'd love to be honest and say yes, there was this moment in 2009. No, no. Because being an entrepreneur, there's always new challenges, well, I think that's the only way you get to the next level. It's not a 45 degree angle, it's the quintessential, infographic you see online about being entrepreneur. It's like just when you think you got it COVID-19 comes, right?


Just when you think you got it, United States is attacked by an outside enemy and 911 happened. It's like those things happen. Just when you think it's working Facebook changes the way you advertise. Just when you think it's working your accountant robs a half a million dollars or $10 million from your account. That's just part of the journey. I'm not saying you should enjoy it, but it's part of navigating new territory so you could evolve to your next level and I think that's where the success auditor goes, "Oh, that person's not willing to get through that problem. Okay, let's just stick them as an Uber driver for the rest of their life." I'm not saying being an Uber driver is bad in any means. I love Uber drivers. I'm just saying there are certain people that get to that fail and check out. And there's certain people say, this sucked, I hated it. What can I learn from it? And now how do I go forward?

And that's got to be done to that mindset piece, hasn't it?

It does.

Because if you don't have that, then that's the point in which I guess you check out because you don't have the tools in your mindset.

I'm going to give you a little story Teresa, you're going to like this.

Yeah, I love it.

And then I'll let you guide it with questions because I can talk too much.

You carry on.

So I have a high level mastermind and I was teaching mindset, right? And it's about they're there to scale their companies to a whole nother level, right? So everybody was on fire, but one person, one person at lunch said, "Hey, I don't need the mindset, that's for other people. I need the...




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