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Bridging The Gap - Bridging The Gap EPISODE 44, 28th April 2021
Building Relationships And Sales
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Building Relationships And Sales

On this episode of Bridging The Gap we are joined by Tim Kintz. Tim worked his way through the auto dealership industry and through that experience grew and understanding of the evolution of sales. He was able to recognize the training and technology needed to successfully make sales which brought him to where he is today. 

Tim has been able to transition the auto dealership sales stigma from being strictly transactional to becoming a relational transaction. 

In an industry where it is all about the sale, I was interested in how he helped sales managers grow and build relationships. What I found is that there are so many similarities in the challenges the automotive industry faces and the things we need to focus on in the wealth management business. 

Listen now to hear what Tim has to say about becoming a better salesperson, sales leader and how to make deeper, more meaningful relationships with your clients.