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Interview w/Andrew Stotz: Minimizing investment risk, living abroad, tips for entrepreneurs and more...
Episode 719th April 2021 • Rogue Retirement Lounge with Matt Franklin: Entrepreneur, Investor, Real Estate Enthusiast • Matt Franklin - entrepreneur, investor, consultant, video producer, retirement nerd
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Today’s guest is Andrew Stotz, host of the podcast, “My Worst Investment Ever.” I’m super excited to have him as the first guest of this show, because he’s a very experienced investor and analyst, he’s REALLY smart, and he’s lived in Bangkok since 1992, so he’s an all-around interesting dude.

Andrew is a teacher who has created classes to help simplify investing and to help people becomes smarter investor. See below for links where you can get 50% off of two of his classes.

One topic we cover is risk management, including the “Six Ways to Lose Your Money”

1.    Failed to do their own research

2.    Failed to properly assess and manage risk

3.    Driven by emotion or flawed thinking

4.    Misplaced trust

5.    Failed to monitor their investment

6.    Invested in a start-up company

Is retirement planning important to you? If so, you need to manage risk in all of your investments.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out Andrew’s podcast. Here’s where you can find it:

Here’s the website for his podcast:

Want to take one of Andrew’s classes? You get 50% off by clicking the links below:

Finance Made Ridiculously Simple

The complete, proven, step-by-step online course to guide you from fear of finance to mastery

How to Start Building Your Wealth Investing in the Stock Market

This proven, step-by-step system will transform you from feeling overwhelmed about investing to being in control of your financial future.

Andrew’s book recommendation, “Your Money and Your Brain” by Jason Zweig:

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