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7 - Introducing: Ram Mahalingham
Episode 78th August 2017 • The Bhangra Podcast • Umer Qureshi
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Hey y'all! On this episode we talk to one of the contributors Ram Mahalingham, the former captain and founder of First Class Bhangra . Our discussion with Ram focuses:

-FCB's turning point

- Working with co-captains

-Judging in the circuit

-Warding off complacency

[0:00] The Bruin Bhangra Mixtape -

[1:03] Ram talks about the turning point when FCB started becoming a successful team

[1:27] First Class Bhangra at Fever 4 -

[10:51] Ministry of Bhangra Sydney at Bruin Bhangra 2017 -

[12:05] Ram’s relationship with Sid Pandit and talking about how to work with a co-captain

[14:57] FCBs captain structure

[18:40] The value of judges feedback

[25:16] Judging in Australia

[27:30] Dealing with arrogance and warding off complacency

Ram’s Facebook -

Ram’s Instagram -

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